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Hopper Barge on Time Charter

English: Dredging barges, River Lagan, Belfast...

English: Dredging barges, River Lagan, Belfast (2) See 1429691. The spoil was transferred to the seagoing hopper barge “South Deep” which, when fully loaded, was towed to the dumping ground at sea. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hopper Barges on Time Charter

We arrange hopper barges on time charter for transport of substances like silt etc. Hopper barges are available of capacity 489 m3 to 995 m3

All Hopper barges are located in India and available in Indian Water Limits. Hopper barges with Towing tugs boats of bollard pull of 10 to 50 ton

We also provide self propelled hopper barges on time charter.

Hopper Barge we can provide on time charter

  • Self Propelled Hopper
  • Hopper Barges with Tug boat
  • Split Hopper Barges

These hopper barges are proved successful in dredging works, Port development works, jetty development works, coastal development works etc.

Mobilization and DE-mobilization will be charted from charterer. Expect minimum contract period of one year without any break. Inspection of the hopper barges will be provided before delivery. Pictures of the hopper barges will be submitted once terms and details accepted.

If you have any requirement, kindly leave your requirement details in the comment box below.

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English: Afternoon at Belfast harbour (5) See ...

English: Afternoon at Belfast harbour (5) See 936597. The hopper barge “Split One” 902008, passing the bulk carrier “Chuetsu Maru”, on return from the dumping grounds. Continue to 936677. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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