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Pontoon Dumb Barge | Available on Time Charter

Pontoon Dumb Barge / Flat Top Barges
Available on Time CharterWe are active ship brokers and arrange pontoon dumb barges which are without engines for coastal operation like, construction, loading and discharging project cargo, mounting crane for dredging work at channels. These pontoon barges require tug boats of 10-15 bollard pull for push or towing. Some pontoon dumb barges are available with generators and crew and maximum free deck area is made available for utilization.

The pontoon dumb barges without engines possess low draft max upto 1.00 mtrs which makes it very ideal for working at shallow waters.Most suitable for shallow drilling works, jetty repair works, dredging works, lighterage job works, etc.

Dredging at New Ross Dredging the Riv...

Pontoons are available in various dimension and DWT according to the requirement of charterers.

We are arranging pontoon barges directly from the owners and best competitive charter rates. The owners are always asks for mob-demob to be in charterers account. All pontoon barges are I.V Class with all valid documents for operating in Indian Waters.



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