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Dry Bulk Shipping | Indian Shipping Lines

Global Shipping services for dry bulk cargo from India and shipping towards India

Ocean Shipping services are available for loose break bulk dry cargo from India to any world destination. We are direct with shipping companies in India and arrange cargo ships for any dry bulk cargo from India or to India.

English: Bulk cargo ship Unloading coal for th...

English: Bulk cargo ship Unloading coal for the Corus Redcar coking plant. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We provide exclusive services for shipping cargo from India in capacities of 10,000 Mt and above to any safe world port. Also our services includes arranging cargo ship on voyage charter from any safe world port to major or minor ports in India. Our ship brokering services is teamed with up experience international ship brokers and this team of qualified and experienced professional brokers helps to arrange cargo vessel matching laycan of shipper with in required time.

Global shipping services provided by our team provides shippers, importer and exporters with best competitive sea freights along with best possible shipping option for their cargo to be loaded on time and reach the destination port on time.  Potential shippers, exporters or importers along with freight forwarders do contact us for your maritime transportation of bulk cargo for shipping overseas by ship.

Complete shipping consultancy is provided to the cargo owner, shipper, exporter or importers along with freight forwarders and are helped with proper planning of shipping the cargo with available best and cheapest shipping options.

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