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Dry Bulk Shipping

Dry Bulk Shipping


Active ship brokers for providing cargo brokerage services along with freight brokerage for all types dry bulk cargo from major and minor ports in India to worldwide destination ports.


Our services include freight services and arranging suitable cargo ships for charterers matching provided laycan. Marine transportation of dry bulk cargo from Indian ports through international shipping lines as well as shipping companies located in India is taken care by our professional team of brokers, who work shipper / cargo owners / charterers requirement.


English: The "Marvita" at New Ross T...

English: The “Marvita” at New Ross The coaster “Marvita” discharging a dry bulk cargo at the quay beside the Albatros factory. New Ross port is on the River Barrow some 20 miles from the sea. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Our diversified shipping services for full time brokerage and arranging cargo ships on voyage charter and shipping bulk cargo overseas within the quickest time frame. Our professionals negotiate freight ideas with the operators / owners / ship management companies in behalf of charterers, exporters, shippers / cargo owners.


Our team is capable of handling all types’ dry bulk cargoes like cement, soybean meal, clickers, granite blocks, sugar, Alumina, iron ore, bauxite, coal, and other break bulk cargoes.



Contact us with your cargo details for calculating sea freight and best shipping option of your dry bulk cargo.















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