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Self Propelled Barges |as River Sea Going Barge

Barge Service in India

Self Propelled Barges are available for Coastal Transportation, deep sea loading and un-loading of ship and channel movement.

Our Rental /Hire / Charter Services include providing barges on monthly rental. The types of self propelled barges available are Cargo Barge Flat Top Barges, Hopper Barges and Dumb Barge. Barges available are I.V Class and IRS Class suitable for river transport as well as sea going.

The Cargo Barges are available in carrying capacity of 1000Mt, 2000Mt and 2500Mt. The barges are without crane and shore cranes are required to load the barges. Clients can mount their own cranes as required on barge deck.

The Flat Top Barges, dumb Barges and Hopper Barge are available of carrying capacity 300Mt to 2000Mt are available.  Flat top barges are with engine (self propelled) and without engine available.

Dumb barges and Hopper barges are without engines and require pusher (tug) to tow them.

Interested clients do contact us with your complete requirement details.

We require Charterer’s / Hirer’s profile, past experience in handling the barges /ships, cargo details, regions of operations / ports along with duration of the contract.

Barge Service in India

4 responses to “Self Propelled Barges |as River Sea Going Barge

  1. capt. anant November 6, 2012 at 4:33 pm

    Pls advise us if you hav any mbc which can run among bangladesh,maldives to and frm mumbai,chennai,kerla

    Anant V.S.
    Managing Director
    Harshada Maritime Ag. pvt. ltd. Mumbai India

  2. Manoj Singh November 21, 2012 at 3:33 pm

    Thanks a lot for this particular information..

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