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Mini Bulk Carriers ( MBC ) Coastal Vessels on Time Charter

We provide Mini Bulk Carriers ( MBC ), Coastal Vessels , Barges on Time Charter with in IWL as per Terms

Details below
Delivery : DLOP ………………ATDNSHINC

– Redelivery : AFPS 1 SP ……………. ATDNSHINC

Laycan : (Immediately after redelivery from the present charter).

– Period: 3 months + / – 5 days ch option

M/V Bill Berry of the Ingram Barge Company pus...Towboat and mixed cargo barges on the Chang Ji...

– Trading Area : West Coast of India, in Indian Coastal trade only always via sb(s), sp(s), sa(s), always accessible, always afloat, always within IWL. Intention: Between Kandla and Tuticorin.

Cargoes : Intended cargo: [Charter Optional ]. and any other lawful non-hazardous non-sticky merchandise..

– Cargo exclusions: Bulk cement, bulk salt, DRI, HBI, Acid, scrap and all other dangerous, injurious, corrosive, hazardous, inflammable and explosive cargoes under IMO 3, 4, & 5

-Bunker on delivery : As on board (abt 15 /20/ Mt ) HSHSD . Qty on redelivery to be same as on delivery. Prices as per IOC price list at the time of delivery at the port of delivery and the same rate will be applicable for qty of redelivery bunker. Vsl to be redelivered with similar qty of bunker as of delivery.

– Charter Hire : Rs.(negotiable) pdpr inc ot.

– C/V/E : Rs.(Negotiable) per month prorate
Payment : 30 days charter hire along with cost of delivery bunker to be paid in advance within 2 (two) banking days of delivery of the vessel to Owners by demand draft payable at Mumbai or by bank transfer to Owners nominated bank account and thereafter every 30 days in advance.

Security Deposit: In addition to the above payments, the charterers will pay an amount equivalent to two (2) month’s charter hire as security deposit along with the payment of first charter hire. This amount will be refunded to the charterers interest free after redelivery of the vessel after adjusting the dues if any from the charterers.

– Hold cleaning : Vessel to be delivered with clean swept holds for loading chrtrs intended cargo and the vessel to be redelivered with similarly clean swept holds.

– ILOHC : Rs. (negotiable) lump sum if the vessel is redelivered with unclean holds.

– Stevedore Damage : Notwithstanding anything contained herein to the contrary, the charterers shall pay for any and all damages caused to the vessel by stevedores provided the Master notifies the charterers and or their agents in writing as soon as practical but not later than 48 hrs after any damage is discovered. Such notice to specify the damage in detail and to invite charterers to appoint surveyors to assess the extent of such damage.

a) In case of any and all damage(s) affecting he vessel’s seaworthiness, the charterers shall immediately arrange for repairs of such damage at their expense and the vessel is to remain on hire until such repairs are completed and if required passed by the vessel’s classification society.

b) Any and all damage(s) not described under point (a) above shall be repaired at the charterers option, before or after redelivery concurrently with the Owner’s work. In such case no hire will be paid to the owners except the cost of repairs and for the time required for carrying out necessary repairs.

– All cargoes to be loaded, carried , discharged in accordance with fully updated IMO Code / Regulation s and always within vsl’s strength , stability and trim .

– Cargo qty loaded / discharged shall be as per draft survey appointed by the charterers at both ends and the vessel shall be responsible for any short delivery of cargo.

– In case vsl loads steel / steel products , owners to have the option to have a pre / post continuous survey by Owners P& I Club surveyors and the cost of which to be charters a/c and the vsl shall remain always on hire.

– All lashing / separation material required at any time for segregating the cargoes inclosing dunnage, to be always on charters a/c and subject to Master’s satisfaction.

– Redelivery Notice : Charters to give 15 days approximate notice of redelivery followed by 7/5/3/2/1 days notice of redelivery.

– On hire / off – hire survey : Joint on-hire and off-hire bunker and condition survey to be carried out at the port of delivery and redelivery respectively by a single independent surveyor mutually agreed by both the owners and the charterers and the cost to be shared equally by both the owners and charterers . Any damage to the vessel during the period based on these survey reports to be for the account of the charterers basis time and cost unless it can be clearly observed by the surveyors that the same is caused due to the fault of the vessel.

– Bills of loading : Bs / l to be strictly marked “ FREIGHT PAYABLE AS PER Charter party dated ……..” and always in strict conformity with Mates receipts Master to sign Bs / L or in owners option by the agents with owners prior written authority to sign the same on behalf of the master. Incase the original Bs / l are not available at port(s) of discharge , the charterers to hold owners harmless in respect of any claim with an Irrevocable letter of indemnity with wording approved by Owners P & I Club.

– Default in Payment : In case of any delay / default in payment of charter hire the Owners will have the option of withdrawing the vessel from the charter by giving 2 working days notice to charterers and / or have the option of suspending operations and the vsl will always remain fully on hire. The charterers to remain responsible for all / any consequences arising out of this including but not restricted to, berth hire , tonnage , stevedore costs port dues etc.

– Lien on cargo : Owners will also have lien on cargo for any amount due from the charterers towards charter hire or any other dues from the charterers.

– It is clearly understood that all / any cargo claims at discharge port are to be charterers a/c without any liability to owners and thus to be settled solely by charterers unless otherwise proved due to the fault of the vessel.

– Vessel to be delivered in coastal status and to have all valid certificates with insurance cover . ISM / DOC are not applicable to this MBC.

– War Risk : Basic war risk insurance premium as per owners current policy to be for Owners a/c. Any extra war risk insurance premium , if an , as per vessel’s Underwriters, to be charterers a/c.

General Average: General average if any to be settled in India in accordance with York Antwerp Rules 1974 as amended 1990 Andy any subsequent amendments thereto to apply.

– Arbitration: : Both the parties will make all possible efforts to settle disputes \, controversies or differences which may arise as a result of or in connection with the interpretation or exclusion of this Fixture Note. If in spite of this, if the parties do not reach agreement then all the disputes arising in this connection with this fixture not shall be referred to arbitration at Mumbai consisting of 3 arbitrators on each appointed by each party and the 3rd by the two so appointed and their decision will be binding on all the parties. The Arbitration & Conciliation Act 1996, with amendments as currently in for shall apply. The Arbitrators mentioned above shall be commercial shipping men and not lawyers. The jurisdiction shall be the High Court of Mumbai.

– Protective Clauses : Both – to – Blame Collision Clause , General Average and New Jason Clause, General Clause Paramount and Chamber of Shipping War Risk Clauses to be included under this Fixture.

– All other terms and conditions shall be as per charterers executed NYPE 1993 Charter Party with logical alterations.

– No add com / no brokerage is payable under this fixture.

– Sub owners management approval.

For more details do write to us at
Ph: +91-9745527006

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